Calendar Report as URL link with default highlighted field

In this post I’m going to present how to create simply report calendar. Next how to enable this report as a module with predefined field for ‘Highlight based on’

Create a new Report Calendar

Go to: Reports -> Create New (I prefer the old UI but you can do the same in the new UI).
Select type as Calendar.
I’ll use Incident table as my source and date of opening date as record selector.

Next save the report and publish it to get public URL address:

Create a module with link to the Report

Go to: System Definition -> Module and click ‘New’ button.
Provide: Title, Application Menu, Order and Hint.
In Link Type tab select Link Type as ‘URL (from Arguments)’ and as Argument type the url to your report and submit.

Define the default highlighted field

Link to your report should work well now but every time user opens page with the report will have to select ‘Highlight based on’. To define default field you have to add a new parameter: sysparm_calstyle in URL:


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