How to display knowledge base hierarchy

Recently I was asked by Knowledgebase Manager why she was not able to remove an unnecessary category in ServiceNow. The answer was simple: there is an ACL which checks if a category has a child, either article or other category. We found a retired article which was still linked to this category. Because of that, it was impossible to delete this category.

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Error: “sc_req_item_stageGetChoices” is not defined.

A few days ago I found a really weird bug while I was writing a small application in ServiceNow. I noticed following warning in logs:

org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "sc_req_item_stageGetChoices" is not defined.
Caused by error in sys_script_include.0236e5eddbd22300b5919fd2ca9619c2.script at line 223

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